Why choose us?

The Workplace Safety Centre is located in St Marys making it the ideal location for training in western Sydney.

Our goal is to provide quality training & consultancy services at affordable prices.

The Centre is easily accessible by both public transport and private vehicle, with the added advantage of free all day parking.



The Centre offers a wide range of training through public courses at our training rooms in St Marys or a private course at your premises.



The Centre's WHS professionals can work with you and provide expert advice and guidance on how best to meet your Work Health and Safety requirements.


The Workplace Safety Centre

The Workplace Safety Centre was established in 2005 with the aim of providing quality affordable work health and safety training for businesses in western Sydney. Over the past 10 years the Centre has expanded to include first aid, traffic control, dangerous goods and emergency preparedness training to its scope.

The Centre is located in St Marys in the heart of western Sydney and this location was deliberately chosen for its convenience to major road transport routes as well as good public transport. Queen Street which is the main street of St Marys is an active dynamic street with a variety of shops, a range of good food outlets and ample free parking.

The Workplace Safety Centre is owned and operated by Debra Moodie & Greg Bain who between them have many years of experience in work health & safety, first aid and emergency preparedness.

Greg worked for 29 years with NSW Fire & Rescue as both a firefighter and rescue medical technician.  Following his retirement from the Fire Brigade Greg completed postgraduate studies in work health & safety and environmental management at the University of Western Sydney and became involved in the teaching of work health & safety initially at TAFE and more recently as the principle trainer for the Centre. Greg delivers training in a range of areas including work health & safety, first aid, return to work coordination and emergency preparedness.

After a short career as a registered nurse Debra developed a passion for work health and safety and has worked in this area for almost 30 years. In that time she worked in a number of industries as a health & safety manager and in more recent years has been involved in the academic side of health & safety teaching in and coordinating postgraduate courses at the University of Western Sydney. Debra now manages the Workplace Safety Centre and delivers training in work health & safety and first aid as well as providing WHS advice and assistance to small and medium business. 


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